Lots of unique opportunities for lovers of retro items.

from 01.02 to 15.06

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From February we again invite you to the monthly antiques, vintage, vinyl and porcelain fairs. These events have gained a group of admirers and regular visitors and are an opportunity to meet people who share a common passion for objects with history. Everyone appreciates the unique atmosphere during fairs.

On selected days each month, there will be stands in the passage of our Shopping Centre where you will be able to find unique products. Visitors will be able to choose from unique interior design elements, bronze and brass products, stained glass, artistic handicrafts and porcelain, and stylized cutlery. Lovers of old medals, badges and other retro items will also find unique items

Fans of music from the “black album” will also be in for a real treat. At the fair stands, they will be able to supplement their vinyl collection or buy a gift for loved ones who share their passions.

The antiques, vintage, vinyl and porcelain fair will take place:
February 1st -3rd
March 14th -16th
April 11th -13th
May 16th -18th
June 13th -15th

The stands will be available in the passage of our Shopping Centre during the facility’s opening hours, i.e. from 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Free entrance.
We invite you for shopping!