We collect books for children in need


A nationwide collection of children's books 'Cyrkuluj książeczko' has started, organized by Auchan Shopping Centers and the 'I already help' Foundation. Collected copies, among others in our Center, will be handed over to children in orphanages and hospital wards. The action will last until the end of January.

They shape personality and imagination, sensitize and improve mood, so it's difficult not to popularize reading books, especially among the youngest. Reading also helps to escape from the worries of everyday life and move to the world of fantasy, which is especially needed for suffering children in hospitals or orphanages. It is for them that an annual campaign is carried out under the slogan "Cyrkuluj książeczko".

Copies collected during the nationwide collection of books will be handed over to selected children's wards of hospitals, care homes for children, emergency care, primary schools, including special schools. Some of them will also go to public libraries, thanks to which children will have easier access to the world of literature.

All customers of our Center can join the campaign. Until the end of January 2020, there will be a special container in the gallery's arcade, to which everyone can give books for small readers - fairy tales, stories, poems and albums. All of them will go to needy children, bringing a little joy into their lives.

“Cyrkuluj książeczko” campaign will last until the end of January 2020, and you can bring books during opening hours of the Centre.

We invite you to participate in the campaign!